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Bitcoin operators shut shop in India amid RBI warning

New Delhi: Some of bitcoin operators in India have began suspending their business following RBI&#...

Indians lose crores in bitcoins as Japan exchange collapses

In a impolite jolt to developing digital forex frenzy in India, bitcoins really worth crores of rup...

100% Blockchain for Dubai Government by 2020

In a significant endorsement of blockchain technology, the underlying innovation of bitcoin, the D...

Tata Motors enters Bolivia with launch of three vehicles

Tata vehicles has forayed into the Bolivian commercial car (CV) marketplace with the launch of 3 pr...

Reliance Power to double capacity of thermal plants in UP and Maharashtra

Reliance PowerBSE 0.88 % will double the potential of its Rosa electricity plant in Uttar Pradesh t...

Samsung customer says his new Note 7 phone burst into flames

A brand new Galaxy note 7, bought this week in China, burst into flames even as charging, its owne...

Infosys announces winners of its first Maker Awards in India

Indian IT - Infosys on Monday announced the twenty winners of its first Infy Maker Awards in India,...

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