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Britain could join USA, Canada and Mexico in new free trade area after Brexit

Britain ought to become an “partner” member of the north american unfastened change vicinity after it leaves the ecu union, it has emerged...

Cincinnati nightclub shooting US & Canada

Police to start with said as a minimum two shooters had been concerned, however cincinnati assistant police leader paul neudigate has sinc...

Trump-Russia inquiry endangered after lawmaker's 'peculiar midnight run'

the house intelligence committee investigation of the trump campaign’s alleged links with moscow looks in hazard of unravelling because of...

Ian Grillot, a 24-year-old American, took a bullet for an Indian.

a 24-yr-antique american, who took a bullet for an indian, has been honoured as 'a real american hero' via the indian-american net...

US Federal Reserve raises interest rates for second time in 3 months

america federal reserve wednesday raised interest fees for the third time because the 2008 worldwide economic disaster, with the activity ...

Sensex nears 30,000-mark after BJP's landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh

The Sensex rose as much as 600 points to 29,561.93 while Nifty surged 188 points to record high of 9,122 today. The rupee also strengthene...

Donald Trump Tax reform next after healthcare failure

The draft invoice would have scrapped the affordable care act of his predecessor barack obama, which was opposed with the aid of mr trump&...

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